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Smoked Sea Salts
Smoked Sea Salts
Smoked Sea Salts
Item#: ssalt

Add a smoky flavor to your favorite dishes. Packaged is a 3 oz. glass and stainless steel reusable container with a shaker. br> Choose from:

Smoked Garlic Sea Salt (Option Garlic)
This is a sensational blend of natural sea salt and minced garlic, smoked naturally over alderwood. The result is a fantastic blend of smoked sea salt exploding with flavor. Excellent for seasoning meats, salads, eggs, burgers and fish.
Smoked Bacon Chipolte Sea Salt (Option Bacon)
This blend of natural smoked bacon flavor, chipotle pepper, and gourmet sea salt will enhance the flavor of steak, eggs, beans, salads, biscuits and gravy or anything else you would enjoy eating with bacon.

Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt (Option Garlic)
Natural sea salt is smoked naturally over alderwood. Bring a smokey BBQ flavor to every dish.