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Pacific Spice Vinegar
Pacific Spice Vinegar
Item#: psv250

Pacific Spice Vinegar

Our Pacific Spice Vinegar starts with fresh kiwis, ginger, citrus, peppers and herbs locally grown on neighboring farms. They are placed in small vats with a base vinegar and the “Mother”. They are left to go through a second fermentation process taking several months. This process enhances and locks in the fresh flavors giving the Pacific Spice Vinegar a wonderful citrus flavor that finishes with a chili pepper heat.

Use this vinegar as a marinade on chicken or pork. It’s also great on grilled chicken salads and Asian noodles. For a simple salad dressing or marinade mix 1 part vinegar with 2 or 3 parts of one of our olive oils.

250 ml (8.45 oz.) bottle $19
750 ml. (25.36 oz.) pouch $52
3 Liter pouch (101.44 oz.) $154