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Producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Grower / Producer
Dedicated to producing only the finest extra virgin olive oil, Frank Menacho personally manages every detail that goes into creating this distinctive California extra virgin olive oil.

Ideal Growing Conditions
The oil begins with olives organically grown on the Menacho's Olivas de Oro 160-acre estate situated in the rolling hills of California's Central Coast. The long hot days and cool nights provide the perfect Mediterranean climate for the 106 year old trees.

Cold Pressing Process
Mission, Sevillano and Arbequina olive varietals are harvested early in the season. This is when olives have the maximum aroma and minimum acidity. They are immediately cold pressed. The oil is stored in stainless steel containers and left to rest for 3 months before blending.

We carefully blend the oil from the Mission and Sevillano to produce our Mission Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result is a medium intensity unfiltered oil with an olive fruity aroma, herbaceous tones, fresh cut grass, artichokes and a peppery finish.

Our Arbequina Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses only the Arbequina olives and is a mild unfiltered oil with an olive fruity aroma, herbaceous tones and a nutty flavor.

Our robust extra virgin olive oil is a single cultivar using only the Mission olives. The Mission Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unfiltered with a fruity aroma, herbaceous tones, fresh cut grass, tomato leaf and a peppery finish.

Our flavored olive oils are produced by cold pressing the fresh olive fruit with the fresh flavor ingredient. We produce Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, Mandarin Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil, Rosemary Olive Oil, Cilantro Jalapeno, Habanero, Red Chili Garlic and Garlic Olive Oil. We harvest the olives a little later in the season when they have a milder flavor profile so that the flavor of the ingredient will stand out.

For more information visit the California Olive Oil Council's Website.