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Fig White BalsamicFig White Balsamic
250 ml. Fig White Balsamic


750 ml. Fig White Balsamic


3 Liter Fig White Balsamic


Fig White Balsamic

Our Fig White Balsamic Vinegar starts with fresh locally grown California Mission Figs. They are placed in small vats with California white balsamic vinegar and the “Mother”. They are left to go through a second fermentation process taking several months. This process enhances and locks in the sweet fig flavor giving the balsamic a rich smooth finish.

For a simple salad dressing or marinade mix 1 part vinegar with 2 or 3 parts of one of our olive oils. Drizzle on pork, chicken, duck, vegetables and grilled peaches or pineapples. It’s great straight from the bottle or as a reduction on ice cream and deserts.