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Exotic Sea Salts
Exotic Sea Salts
Exotic Sea Salts
Item#: esalt

Exotic infused sea salts for a special finish. Packaged is a 3 oz. glass reusable container
Choose from:

Saffron Fleur de Sel (Option Saffron)
The history of the cultivation of saffron traces back more than 3,000 years. Since then, saffron has found a variety of uses around the world, with the most common use being cooking. Our saffron sea salt has a unique golden-yellow hue that stands out among other cooking ingredients. It looks and tastes great with baked goods, rice dishes, confectionaries, curries, meat dishes, and soups.

Porcini Sea Salt (Option Porcini)
This delicious blend of porcini mushroom and natural sea salt is fabulous for enhancing mushroom flavor in any dish; including mushroom soups, pasta dishes, and chicken marsala. It is also wonderful on our Red Pepper Pasta and Mission Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil.