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Aged Balsamic from ModenaAged Balsamic from Modena
Aged Balsamic from Modena

18 year old aged balsamic that's sweet and tangy.

250 ml. Aged Balsamic


750 ml. Aged Balsamic


3 Liter Aged Balsamic


Aged Balsamic from Modena

Custom demands that the Trebbiano grapes are harvested as late as possible to take advantage of the region’s natural warmth. Using age-old skills, the grapes are cooked down for roughly eight hours until a “must” is achieved and left to rest. Then the caramelization process begins and the color of the must changes to a rich dark brown. It is aged for up to 18 years in progressively smaller wooden barrels made of oak, mulberry, chestnut and juniper, each of them contributing to the rich and complex aroma of the vinegar.

This aged balsamic is wonderful drizzled on cheeses, bruschetta, fruits and desserts.