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Favorite Trio
Favorite Trio
Favorite Trio
Item#: 3pkbskt

Our 3 pack basket features some of our favorites and gives you lots of options. Use the oil or vinegar separately or make 2 different dressings.

With our Mandarin Orange Olive Oil / Blackberry Balsamic / Basil Olive Oil basket you can either make a mixture of the Mandarin Orange with the Blackberry Balsamic for a sweeter dressing or pair the Basil Olive Oil with the Blackberry Balsamic for a more savory dressing. (mobbvbas)

With our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil / Fig White Balsamic / Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can pair either olive oil with the Fig Balsamic. (mlfwbarb)

For dressings just mix 3 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar.